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About Us

who we are ?

JUPITER Enterprise has established an undisputed position of being a leading manufacturer of Coil Processing Lines. Slittling Line, Roll Forming Lines, and auxiliary/ Terminal equipment like Uncoiler, Recoiler, Flattener, and Accumulators in Process Lines. We specialize in automation devices like Press Feed Units, Servo Roil Feeders, Folding Lines. JUPITER offers one of the most versatile ranges of machinery to meet exact client requirements at affordable cost. Due to our technological expertise and decades of experience we specialize in design, build and commission coil- processing line. JUPITER'S coil processing lines and equipments are characterized by world -class technology, reliability, quality and advanced engineering features to meet the dynamic requirements of business. We provide competitive edge to our clients due to cost-effective product range. JUPITER Machines has become the preferred choice due to world-class products, readily available low-priced raw materials resources like steel and skilled manpower.

JUPITER is a successful private company that manufactures roll-forming machines and related produc! for the sheet metal industry. Since the company w established, Jupiter has developed machinery and production methods to meet our customers increasing demand for profitability and new business opportunities Our knowledge and wide range of expertise in both machineand factory design have assisted major international corporations and new manufacturers.

We develop Roll forming line 8 Roll tooling on our most modern software (like roll flower pattern as seems beside here) upgrade with our enriched experience 8 technology. We have also in house C.N.C. setup for our critical roll forming tolling component Starting with our highly trained and experienced sales team, everyone at Jupiter is committed to your needs. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing both individual equipment and complete systems to fulfill the most demanding production requirements.

We supply and manufacture Trapez Roll formers for small to large-scale production volumes. The main differences are in the machine construction and in the production speed.

By virtue of modular design of each equipments like Slitter head, Leveler Head, Punching Station, Shear Station etc. Customer can select exact configuration of line 8 auxiliary equipments.